Monday, 25 April 2016

Lovespeake - DNA - Album Review

Whether it is in their oil wealth, their comprehensive welfare state or their general “good guy” persona Norway is pretty much most people’s second favourite country and this seems to be spreading into their music, especially electronic, with people like R√∂yksopp, Kygo and Lemaitre all being amongst the most innovative, most popular and most fun music out there. It would appear that Lovespeake are firmly joining in with this Nordic feel good spirit.

Born from the ashes of previous project “Eye Emma Jedi” Lovespeake appears baring many similarities to their previous iteration despite a dropping of the indie rock vibes replacing them with some cool blippy electro sounds. This is a smart move and allows Lovespeake to feel far more direct and unique. Their disco influenced psych pop is infinitely danceable and throughout this record its light electro beats are competitive amongst the very best in the business.

The lead single also titled “DNA” is the most out and out pop record on this album and its disco focused beats can easily see it at home on the radio or blasting out of festival speakers.

“Dreamer” also impressed with its high pace and distorted vocals sounding like a more commercial Grimes song which is far from a bad thing.

Unfortunately however the album does suffer from a bit of repetition in places, tracks like “Every Day Electric” with its much slower 60s inspired pace and “Hello’s” minimalistic electronic sounds that allow the soaring vocals to shine through shows the ways in which the album could have been more varied. It would be good to see a differing sound throughout this album that can let every song’s qualities shine through to an even greater extent.

This album shows a hell of a lot of promise with a high chance that due to the accessibility and infectiousness of this record you will see many of these tracks being the background to many indie summer moves and advertisements in the months to come. Lovespeake have shown some impeccable beats and impressive production and I am very excited to hear more from them in the future.

I would recommend you get a physical copy of this record.

Dominic Allan.

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