Tuesday, 1 March 2016

August and After - Wolves (track review)

Given that so much mainstream indie folk is drenched in the radiation left behind by the Mumford and Sons shaped mushroom cloud that still pollutes the genre, it’s refreshing to hear a folk trio that play upon emotional and instrumental subtlety the way August and After do. 

Opening with the unaccompanied voice of Vendatha Kumar, the song is instantly captivatingly sombre.  The gentle plucking of Ned Mortimer’s acoustic guitar is understated enough to both support every word and allow for the pizzicato violin parts to be heard.  It’s when Jordan Bergman’s ethereal violin enters in full effect that the layered folk instrumental becomes transcendental, with every staccato guitar note interweaving in a truly mystical tapestry. 

By the time the haunting falsetto vocals and melancholy piano chords fade out, I’m convinced that this trio are every bit as talented in their craftsmanship as some of the heavy weights of indie folk.  I recommend this single highly, and await their EP “Cascades” with baited breath.

Charlie McCartney

Watch the new video for Wolves below


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