Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Strangers You Know - Used - Track Review

Adding drum beats and synths to your music is by now a staple of the group that has run out of ideas. Many see that by plugging their guitars or violins or digeridoos into a computer their music will immediately scream cutting edge. This is very rarely the case with most coming off as out of touch. You can always tell who had the synth on the table from day one and who added it in later.

Strangers You Know are certainly a group who knew their intentions from the start.

The orchestral introduction and the bouncy guitar beat to this single “Used” may have you confused at the start thinking you are listening to some horrible bro-country but slowly as the elements are added to the song what is revealed is a well-produced, groovy composition in which no elements feel less important than another, with the violins, drum machine and guitars corroborating to reveal a clean melody that at points hits a nice head bopping groove.

The violins in particular continue a trend started by the likes of Clean Bandit of incorporating and highly featuring traditional classical music with an electronic, 21st century feel. I can certainly feel this style chosen here and it is one that, although reaching some success, could still use someone like Strangers You Know bringing more attention to the sound.

However, the one element in the composition which I find lacking is the vocals and lyrics. They simply don’t stand aside the other more grandiose elements in the song and a lot of the time it feels like they fade into the background a great deal. I feel like the best of Strangers You Know will be seen if they team with a more commanding vocal that can stand aside and use the composition to help sculpt an excellent all round song both musically and vocally.

Despite this I can hear a lot of potential in Strangers You Know and remain excited for their EP on March 11th.

Listen to the single “Used” here : https://soundcloud.com/strangersyouknow/used

Dominic Allan.

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