Monday, 1 February 2016

Lemaitre - 1749 EP Review

There are many confusing elements surrounding Lemaitre. They are entering their 6th year of existence, having consistently created music for that entire period, their success has led to them being able to relocate to LA and get signed by Astralwerks, home to a relentless amount of talent and innovation in the Electronic music scene. Despite this success they have yet to release an album and could potentially be described as unknown upstarts.

Confusion aside, Lematire and Astralwerks seemingly have their own plan. 1749, their LA house number and title of their 6th (6th!) EP tucks itself in as just as slick, fun and great as all previous. Their influence despite is clear with groups like Galantis becoming bona fide pop superstars off the back of having two songs that kinda sound as good as a Lemaitre track. I have no reservations in saying that if the best of Lemaitre's 5 EP's were released in an album you would be looking at one of the most defining electronic albums of the decade. 

"Not to Late" the first track has all the key elements that define the Lemaitre sound, however most notable about it is the excellent vocal performance. The vocals sound less like the DJ peering from behind the desk and more like a real performer, this is likely a testament to the confidence gained over they years the band have been performing.

"Closer" is already Lemaitre's biggest song ever. The piano opening is a great sample and the horns throughout show the band still able to explore and create new sounds that leaves them as always unpredictable and exciting. It's accessibility and soundcloud plays show this.

My favourite from the album however is easily "Day 2." The lyrical content is genuinely affecting and personal which is highly impressive. This backed by more beats and samples that have a cute disco groove.

If I was going to be disappointed by any part of this album it would be Nishio 2. Unfortunately for myself it didn't carry the weight and power that its predecesor did however I still did love the "Im so happy" sample and truly matching the original is a mammoth task.

Lemaitre deserve more attention. Will this EP be the record that gets them that attention? Probably not. I'm not even sure if they will ever reach the sort of commercial potential they could (Or more importantly, if they even want to?) but for everyone who has had the pleasure of discovering Lemaitre keep on listening.

Seriously though make an album soon, God.

Dominic Allan.

Listen to all of Lemaitre's music free on Soundcloud :

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