Monday, 8 February 2016

Death Grips - Hot Head - Track Review

Reviewing anything by Death Grips is a difficult task. Are they good? Are they bad? Are they music?

A new track from the only group to stretch LCD Soundsystem's definition of a breakup even further and a typical jutted out release from the group that stretch what it means to create music for commercial release.
Presumably the first single from their upcoming album "Bottomless Pit" the track "Hot head" unsurprisingly does not see the band explore some latin soul. Death Grips know exactly what they are great at which is making the undisputed most unique, innovative and exciting music out today.
This track has a couple of elements in its stramash that on the third or fourth listen show you how great they are if you weren't already aware. That guitar which weaves its way through this track coupled with the oscillating beat throughout create a sound which challenges and battles with the crass, foreboding vocals of MC Ride.
There is however a bit of a same old feel from this track. It would be even more exciting to see them expand their horizons even further, sure MC Ride will sound like a homeless man screaming at society and the music will sound like a synthesiser getting kicked down a flight of stairs but that doesn't mean that there couldnt also be something else occuring. Although saying this I really don't know if I want something else from Death Grips. They are a constant and before their branch of mayhem is discovered by the genre of music that so desperately needs a shot in the arm from hearing it (cough...metal...cough) I would be so happy to see them ride their glorious chaotic wave.
So to answer my questions, are they good? Yeah of course. Are they bad? Probably that as well yes. Are they music? Who gives a fuck?
Dominic Allan.

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