Thursday, 7 January 2016

Pure Youth - New November

London based four- piece ‘Pure Youth’ have had one of the most favourable beginnings I’ve seen from recent bands. Formed in late 2014 most would still be finding their feet and most likely a sound that suits them. Pure Youth however undertook a mammoth task in dropping their, when formed non-existent, debut EP only two months later. The EP constructs a reasonably varied theme of indie tunes: some are unable to keep their head above water amongst the plethora of new indie music available to us today whilst others like ‘New November’ and especially ‘I Just Wanted You to Know’ are genuinely deserving of a place on the indie world stage which as mentioned would require beating out an unfathomable volume of competition. Their most popular track by far is their recent release ‘I’m Not Yours’ racking up an impressive 170,000 views across their Soundcloud and Spotify accounts earning them a place on Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday’, no doubt aided by their association with some larger acts brought on due to the release in the first place.

Described as Indie-Rock/synth-pop they quite heavily relay the former genre in their material which is unfortunate as there’s only so far indie-rock can propel you. In their single ‘New November’ they make more use of their latter classification giving them an extra ingredient in their music which allows them to tune it to a more complex ear whilst still being an accessible candidate for mainstream radio-play. This track has a groove to it that simply eludes the common indie band, it is this deviation from the traditional four-piece that makes Pure Youth a band of note. They haven’t yet released much material but have more than filled their expected quota for the short time they’ve been on the scene. I look forward to their future releases which I hope embrace the elements that have complimented their Indie-Rock base as they will be all the better for it.

Pure Youth have gained enough recognition that they’ve expanded their portfolio and visually complimented their track ‘New November’ with a music video which you can view at the link provided. I’d advise you visit Soundcloud or Spotify and check out what little material they have – my two songs of note are ‘New November’ and ‘I Just Wanted You to Know’.

Nathan Beck

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