Saturday, 12 December 2015

Konsole - Havana (track review)

From the first few bars of Havana you know that you're in for a treat. The staccato strummed, slightly off opening chords ease you into the New Wave sounds the London-based group love to imitate. And the description of an enigmatic protagonist - one who takes towns like a "sixties waster" (?) and "lives life for the denim-wear" - though somewhat cartoony, creates a captivating subject for the song and a reason to listen all the way through.

After setting in motion the themes of the song, the London-based troupe take us on a tour which digs down into the depths of dark, shadowed guitar work in the vein of Unknown Pleasures to piercing synthesized wails which would be at home in any Bauhaus record. The band wear their influences on their sleeve here, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. And this track is great even if they are just trying to create a one song amalgam of Tony Wilson's record collection.

After climbing to lyrical and melodic heights with a cracking line for closure, "I'm out of place/ But the denim suits you" and a guitar solo shot full of Thatcherite Britain bravado and post-punk harshness, the track brings us to a close. We land softly on the ground, shook up but unscathed, at a satisfying 4 minute mark.

This is a fun song sure to please New Wave lovers and add a touch of spice to the lives of those who haven't previously sought out this sound, I recommend to get a hold of it in any way you can.

Jack McGlone

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