Monday, 26 October 2015

One Direction - Perfect (Track Review)

The reaction to losing a band member is something which varies wildly. An implosion usually follows soon after following a few failed singles and a distinct feeling of a missing piece. Some bands transform totally, essentially becoming a new band but the choice that One Direction have taken is, smartly, one of ignorance. For those that care enough to miss Zayn Malik their love for One Direction as a group surpasses that of a single band member and those that aren’t particularly interested simply still enjoy the incredibly solid works they have been releasing as of late.

The post Malik years of One Direction are seemingly going swimmingly.

Despite the loss of probably their most likable member they are still filling arenas, at the forefront of media attention and most importantly still releasing always solid, sometimes excellent pop songs. So far their content certainly peaked with their last album “4” which disappointingly was also their least successful being their only album not to clock a number one. Despite this “Steal My Girl” remains by a good margin their best song with its powerful, anthemic rhythms seeming to be a statement of intent from the band that, with the departure of Malik, sadly will likely never come to fruition.

The post Malik era’s third song “Perfect” sees a return to the more “Classic” One Direction sound, a contrast to the hugely popular “Drag Me Down” which was a major departure. The song itself will almost certainly be a massive hit. It’s promising synths throughout never really lead to anything and it doesn’t add anything really new unlike most One Direction songs as of late. This is a disappointment but there is still very little to actually dislike about this song.

Its lyrics show a humbleness that although being ever present in their material is something which is not focused on in the slightest and is greatly shown here and some of the irony in the song “And if you're looking for someone to write your breakup songs about, Baby, I'm perfect” is clever and a welcome addition to an almost painfully optimistic pop scene.

Despite this some of One Direction’s bad habits have started to slip in. The acoustic guitar from the abysmal “Little Things” returns as does the annoyance of never referring to this “perfect” girl by name instead opting for catch all terms like “baby” to of course allow girls to fantasise them singing about them.

This song is alright but with the heights that One Direction have reached in the past they can be doing better than this however I remain excited for their fifth record “Made in the A.M” and would recommend you give this one a stream.

Dominic Allan.

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