Tuesday, 20 October 2015

KID NORTH - Rip Tide (track review)

KID NORTH are connoisseurs of French electronic music.  They’re very clearly steeped in the genre’s intricacies, resulting in their music being as artfully crafted and stimulating as any synthpop I’ve heard all year (I’m looking at you Purity Ring).  However the clearest influence here is danceable indie pop of Phoenix, and given their lack of output of late, Kid North are an extremely welcome substitute. 

From the immaculate, driving electronic bass to the palm muted guitars reminiscent of the latter Strokes releases if they were good, “Rip Tide” is a perfectly organised piece of pop.  It’s depth is fully displayed by the forlorn, Depeche-Mode style vocals, and the exuberant bursts of rapid synth notes that lead into the infectious chorus.

This single does it’s job pretty much perfectly.  KID NORTH’s upcoming album “New Waters” is certainly worth getting excited for, and I recommend streaming this song.

Charlie McCartney

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