Thursday, 22 October 2015

F l o w e r b 0 y - RAVE II (track review)

Blossoming, layered electronic melodies open “RAVE II”, and there has clearly been serious work poured into making them as catchy and accessible as possible.  It works extremely well, even when
the glitched out drum machines threaten to briefly derail the tune.  This makes the gradual lapse into twisted carnival style horror all the more jarring, like being on a carousel that’s suddenly started to melt.  As abrasively experimental as this passage is, with its dissonant chords and esoteric beats, I imagine that was the intention, so it’s hard to criticise really.  And in all honesty it was an extremely creative section. 

The main tune briefly re-emerges from the gnarled foray, before relapsing into a slower and more discordant version of itself. 

If the main thing you desire from dance music is to make you dance, then the first minute and a half of F l o w e r b 0 y’s “RAVE II” has you covered, give it a download.  If you’re looking for the musical equivalent of a kaleidoscopic descent into madness and depression facilitated by the consumption of illegal drugs, then the rest of the song should please you immensely, you freak.  

Charlie McCartney

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