Tuesday, 6 October 2015

D.S.A - 5TRAXX - EP Review

Scummy records are an independent net label whos main goal is to release music of all genres, a highly admirable goal. Their most recent export is the "only" record by drum and bass - heavy noise - ambient group D.S.A. This EP hits hard from the start and this is a trend which continues throughout the record.

The first track S A T U R D A Y N I G H T T is an eccentric piece of electro. The beats are highly danceable and although the inclusion of the anime girls moans might be all in good fun I see it perhaps as a way to shield criticism to the records genuine elements of which there are many.

The second track is a bit more serious with an ambient Aphex Twin vibe. On this track the group show that they have real credibility and they show that they really do have good talents.

The 3rd and 4th tracks employ some real humouous elements parodying an over usage of violent samples in particularly rap music. The songs sound fresh throughout and over the whole EP none of the songs outstay their welcome, they introduce their ideas promptly and intelligently and at no point does the record get boring.

Also on the 4th track the female vocal sampling is to be particularly lauded. Certainly the most interesting part of the EP it was highly interesting and pleasurable.

This record is certainly highly interesting and although there is no need to totally lose comedic elements and they can add a certain something to the record with the talent on show at points there is no need to rely on it and use it as a shield.

You can get this album for free on band camp from the 14th of October and I would certainly recommend you do so.

Go on D.S.A, give us one more!

By Dominic Allan.

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