Tuesday, 1 September 2015

ILoveMakonnen - Trust Me Danny (track review)

The latest track from Atlanta trap artist ILoveMakonnen will likely further fuel already massive divisions in opinions on him. He took the leap in 2014 from his bedroom to the world stage in what has to be solely attributed to Drake's massive influence. Tuesday was by all accounts a smash hit, being the talk of both critics and the dancefloor.

His presence is undeniable and his beats infectious and this is no different on latest track "Trust Me Danny."

There is something about Makonnen that makes it hard to really criticise him. Every song he creates has an energy that many rappers struggle to achieve, a genuine enjoyment of every word he is saying. Now it has to be said that pretty much every word is terrible, lyrically Makonnen is atrocious. He has one story to tell about acquiring and selling his drugs and it would be great to see him talk about pretty much anything else.

It must be said though the song is built around an annoyingly good hook. The lyrics are weak and every time he wails "Trust Me Danny" in a strange hybrid Jamaican-Indian accent you feel like you should hate it a lot more than you do but with every time he says it (many,many times) it becomes more and more fun and the urge to join in its potentially racially insensitive slogan becomes more and more appealing.

With great production from Danny Wolf and an annoyingly good hook this is a song that shows that Makonnen is firmly prepared to become a trap superstar under the wing of Drake and his OVO label and I eagerly await his debut album.

It's absolutely terrible, but it's a great terrible.

Dominic Allan

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