Thursday, 10 September 2015

Disclosure - Hourglass Track Review

Hourglass is the 4th song from Disclosure’s upcoming record “Caracal.” It places the band in similar territory to the previous songs released for this record and indeed the songs on their first record “Settle” with a strong bassline beat and an eclectic choice of featured artist.

 It is interesting to note that possibly the two brightest most innovative talents of British electronic music in Chvrches and Disclosure have both decided to retain much of the sound and aesthetic which gave them fame. Disclosure’s sound however remains fresher due to an almost brand new range of collaborative artistic talents which let the band explore genres like Jazz and Soul that were not present on “Settle.”

 On this record “Hourglass” the group pair themselves with soul group LION BABE. This addition of the exciting neo soul pair give the Disclosure boys yet another sound to mold and add their own touch to and this is one of the most successful attempts we have seen from those released thus far.. The house beats pair excellently with the soulful vocals and give the songs a sound that only this team could create and what many people have tried to imitate ever since 2013’s groundbreaking “Settle.” 

 It may be one of the Disclosure songs that is more suited to a careful listen rather than one that will be heard on many dancefloors but that is one of the rarest talents this band have, the ability to mold records that are enjoyed both by the critical world and by the general public. Disclosure’s Caracal looks so far that it will show very little dip in quality throughout its duration and this could leave us with one very special album indeed. 

 Stream this song and get prepared for “Caracal” on the 25th of September.

Dominic Allan.

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