Friday, 4 September 2015

Chvrches - Never Ending Circles (track review)

The Scottish synth-pop revivalists have shared the third (and most underwhelming) inkling of their upcoming sophomore album, Every Open Eye.

Mix a resilient drum machine beat; typically energizing retro synth lines; and a touch of Lauren Mayberry’s empowered vocals – this time exploring new-found independence after breaking free from a particularly stagnant or repetitive relationship – and you have the formula for a quintessentially Chvrches song.

This new track follows this recipe to a T, and that’s the problem.

Unlike "Leave a Trace" and new-wave inspired "Clearest Blue”, which showcased a fresher more composed Chvrches sound; the sound of a band confident in their place as indie-pop titans. “Never Ending Circles” brings nothing new to the table, in an uncharacteristically safe play which only leaves one longing for more.

This is not a bad song by any means, but I just felt the band were capable of more. Regardless, Chvrches fans will adore it, and it is deserved of a download from pretty much anyone who’s into synth-heavy electronic music.

Jack McGlone

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