Monday, 14 September 2015

Chvrches - Clearest Blue (track review)

If either of the previous singles released in the wake of 'Every Open Eye' were considered somehow underwhelming or inferior to previous songs, 'Clearest Blue' is likely to be the song that quells any fears and silences critics in one pristine, electronic haymaker. While it still draws heavily from the sound and production of 'Bones of What You Believe', with sparkling synth tones cascading over one another and Lauren Mayberry's vocals slicing through them, what 'Clearest Blue' achieves is to develop this approach effectively. The bassline is so subtly overwhelming and bombastic, the synth parts so numerous and important, and the vocals so triumphant that I can't help but describe this song as one of the best Chvrches have ever liberated into the world of pop music.
The rhythm is infectious and danceable, driving and experimental, more so than on other Chvrches songs. It is exactly the harbinger of the upcoming album that Chvrches fans were crying out for. 'Clearest Blue' has finally convinced me that 'Every Open Eye' will surpass the debut, which would be no mean feat in itself. I recommend that you give this track a listen and I would say it's definitely worth downloading for Chvrches fans.
Charlie McCartney

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